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During these unprecedented times, it is all the more important to focus on what sells, attracts attention, and maximizes returns. Headstart is giving you an opportunity to learn how to build a scalable sales team and make structured inside sales from the horse’s mouth itself. 

We will be hosting Aaron Ross on May 13th (8:15-9:15 PM). Aaron became world-famous as the guy who set up the sales organization of Salesforce. He wrote a book on the subject and is now running a consulting company that helps companies with their sales; both called “Predictable Revenue”. We talk about how he manages his busy life, about having an ID forging business, and — obviously — about how to organize sales more effectively.

Make sure not to miss out on this opportunity and book yourself for a fun and informative Midweek session. The webinar is free, but registration is mandatory. The link to join the webinar shall only be mailed to those who register.

Aaron Ross


Predictable Revenue Inc


Aaron's Keynote Speaking topics include sales, (re)igniting growth, and creating predictable, scalable revenue.

Arjun Pillai



Arjun, an electronics engineer by education, is a successful Entrepreneur by his career choice and an acknowledged subject matter expert in the field of Sales and Marketing data of all types.

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13 May, 2020
08:15 PM to 09:15 PM
Online Webinar
Online Webinar
Bangalore - 000000

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