Basics of Sales and Marketing

Introducing Headstart Mentor January Edition with Mr. Rohit Sardana, Business Head at BW Disrupt & Digital Market Asia.

"There is no prize in sales for second place. It's win or nothing. The masters know this and strive for - they fight for - that winning edge." -- Jeffrey Gitomer

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Sales are the most important part of any business, its the revenue which keeps you growing. Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing are easy to learn but difficult to execute.
Get all your Sales and Marketing related queries related to your startups resolved by experienced, in a Closed door mentoring session with Mr. Rohit Sardana, and Headstart Delhi.

P.S. There is nothing startup has to pay to get mentored, but they have to make a promise - to pay it forward by mentoring younger startups when they are ready and have an opportunity.

P. P.S. its an Invite only event. Please register your startup at for more details.

Rohit Sardana


Business Head - BW Disrupt & Digital Market Asia.


He is an ideas man, with an in-depth understanding of marketing & sales, business development, digital media and the startup ecosystem. Over the years, working with multiple brands and being an entrepreneur himself, he has gained expertise in community building and content marketing. Rohit has led and managed both business and content teams at various points in his 12 years of working with core b2b media brands. He is a great networker, an action-oriented professional and a responsible business executive who is consistent with creating revenue generating IPRs throughout the year.

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20 Jan, 2018
10:00 AM to 01:00 PM
Delhi - 110011

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