Mentoring session for Fund Raising

If your startup is facing issues with raising funds for your startup and you are looking for a mentor to guide you on these issues, then register @

About Headstart Mentor:
Headstart Mentor is a hands off mentoring session for entrepreneurs, facilitated by Headstart. Our intention is to get qualifying startups coached by the industry’s best and to build a pay-it-forward culture in the startup circuit.

It is an invite-only meetup which aims to provide a structure to 4 qualifying startups to find solutions to their problems by interacting with brilliant peers and experts in their industry. A Mentor session lasts for 3 hours and is organised on specific domains (like Healthcare, EdTech etc.) or horizontals (like sales, fund raising etc.). 

There is nothing you have to pay to get mentored, but you have to make a promise - to pay it forward by mentoring younger startups when you are ready and have an opportunity.

Application shortlisting is COMPLETELY AT HEADSTART'S DISCRETION and on a best effort basis.

Prajakt Raut

Founder - Applify and The Growth Labs

Prajakt is the founder of Applyifi – a fund raising and growth consulting platform for startups and also the founding partner of The Growth Labs, a platform where growth-stage companies get sharp, incisive advice from senior professionals and experienced entrepreneurs. []

Prajakt’s book, ‘Starting Up & Fund Raising’, helps startups understand an investor’s perspective, and helps them improve their odds of getting funded. The book also helps entrepreneurs understand the building blocks of a business.


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20 May, 2017
09:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Place L29 - L34, First Floor,
Connaught Place, New Delhi
Delhi - 110001

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