Basics of starting up


  Looking to startup, but where to start? how to start ? 

 So if you are like ... 

 Registration, incorporation ohh so much confusion! 

 Acceleration, incubation need more information! 

 Partnership, propritorship need better direction! 

 CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO whats the definition? 

 But Mostly, How can I avoid Taxation? 

 I only have one grand vision! 

 Where to find a solution? 

 Stop by at NMAM Institute Of Technology (Maps

 on the 11th of march 

 the second saturday as always 

 for the 3rd edition of Headstart presents "startup saturday" 

 On basics of starting up 

 A walk through, of what you need to know to startup successfully


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Nav krishna

Founder and CEO at Rousing Designs and Co-founder at SPEC invent

Nav krishna has extensive background in product design and branding.
Currently running his startup, Rousing designs in the home automation space. Strongly believes in connected devices as the path towards a better future.


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11 Mar, 2017
02:00 PM to 06:00 PM
NMAM Institute Of Technology
Karkala Taluk
Nitte, Karnataka
Mangalore - 574110

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