Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

We live in a year where what you don’t know will put you out of business! And what puts entrepreneurs the most at risk is...

 - Not knowing how to generate more sales from digital space. 
 - Not knowing how to write a persuasive Ad that will gain customers/clients.
 - Not knowing how to make ads profitable
 - Not knowing what to say or write or believing people don’t read “long” ads.
 - Not knowing what “buttons” to click when creating ads.
 - Not knowing how to generate income without any degree. 
 - Not knowing how to find quality leads on social media.
 - Not knowing how to fix ads when they “stop working”

Most importantly, not knowing what will happen to your business if you continue to procrastinate learning this “social media stuff” and your competition masters it.
The truth is most entrepreneurs are only one advertisement away from never having to cold call, door knock, or beg for business ever again. And more importantly having to guess where their next lead, appointment, or sale is coming from.
So, would you like to create your first or next ad with Headstart Vadodara?
We're hosting a master class where we bring you expert mentors that will show you exactly how to create ads that turn “Vistors Into Customers” consistently.
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20 Apr, 2019
06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Baroda Management Association
2nd Floor, Anmol Plaza, Old Padra Rd, Opp. McDonald,
Sukrutinagar, Haripura, Vadodara, Gujarat 390015.
Vadodara - 390015

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