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Great organizations don't thrive by riding on the past technology and trends. They see into the future of what technologies will catapult the human race forward. Every piece of ingenious technology that we use today from telecommunications, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, healthcare to robotics were devised years or even decades ago.

So what are the Emerging Tech And Trends of the year 2017?

Most of the startups working on the future trends are not just building a product, but creating an industry. What does it take to mold an industry that didn't event exist a couple of years ago?

Are sectors such as Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Automation just hacks or do they have a deep implication of how humans interact in the future? If so, how do you, as a startup founder, or an aspiring founder leverage it to build the next most valuable company that influences how billions of people experience life?

To get the answers to all of these questions and learn from entrepreneurs who are solving such hard problems, attend the December edition of Startup Saturday.

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Date : 10th December 2016

Venue : SAP Labs India, Whitefield, Bangalore
#138, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560066

Google Maps link : https://goo.gl/maps/ybggp9zdsDn


Navneet Sharma

Founder and CEO - Artifacia

Armed with the vision to accelerate humanity's progress towards true AI that will positively impact billions of people, Navneet has worked on several software and hardware projects over the past few years. Before deciding to take the entrepreneurial path and work towards building the next generation Artificial Intelligence company, Navneet was the founder of the AI club in his alma mater, VIT.

Vikraman Venu Saranyan

VP - IKP Knowledge Park, COO - IKP EDEN

The VP of IKP Knowledge Park and COO of IKP-EDEN, Vikraman carries with himself a vision of India becoming a Product and Hardware nation. With over 10 years of experience in various innovative fields of Bioinformatics, Hardware analysis, Machine Learning, and Education, that vision is swiftly coming to fruition.

Sunil Kumar Chowdary

Founder and CEO - Krayonik

With more than 10 years of experience in multiple industries under his belt, Sunil, CEO of Krayonik Digital Services has always had an entrepreneurial side to him. With Krayonik, he is exploring the virtual realm; serving the latest of game engine technologies and cutting edge hardware. His understanding and experiences in the domain make him the perfect person to tell us the changes and advancements in technology for 2017.

Srikanth Gopalakrishnan

VP - IoT & Digital Enterprise Assets at SAP Labs

The VP for IoT & Digital Enterprise Assets at SAP labs, Srikanth has over 2 decades of professional experience in the tech industry. He has seen how tech grows, morphs and develops over the years. With his current focus on conceptualizing and delivering products that leverage the concepts and technological advancements in IoT, he believes that there is much to be innovated in the sector and is extremely excited about the same.

Deepak Padaki

Executive VP - Strategy, and Mergers And Acquisitions

Executive VP of Strategy and M&A at Infosys, Deepak has been with the technological giant since the inception of his career back in 1992. He has spent more than 24 years witnessing the rapid growth of technology. Armed with industry insights, it'll be exciting to hear what he looks forward to in the upcoming year and the kind of tech inspires awe in him the most.


Event Details

10 Dec, 2016
09:00 AM to 02:00 PM
SAP Labs, Whitefield
SAP Labs, Whitefield
Bangalore - 560066

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