Emerging Tech and Trends

Headstart Navi Mumbai is back this 14th October, with the Startup Saturday themed "Emerging Tech and Trends"

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Date: 14 October ,2017

Venue: CIBA, 6th Floor, Fr. Agnel Technical Campus,Vashi , Sector-9, Navi Mumbai

Emerging technologies are closely associated with the future of knowledge work because they play key roles in shaping and transforming how knowledge work will be conducted and how companies in various industries will have to adapt and in some cases rethink their business model end-to-end. The advancement of machine learning in artificial intelligence are giving businesses and their development teams the opportunities to design data-driven applications that can recognize patterns to become sufficiently “cognitive” to reduce and even automate repetitive manual work.

To know all about the advancing tech and trends, join us for an amazingly interactive session this Startup Saturday.

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Apurva Godbole

Co-founder & CEO

Apurva Anil Godbole? heads Drona Aviation?; with his passion for creating drones for Industrial & other commercial applications today, his organization has its own flagship product called PLUTO.

Get to know this Saturday how Apurva started off with Drona Aviation, the resources, his larger vision & what the future is of drone manufacturing in India & abroad.

Manish Nair

TechLead, CereLabs

Manish Nair whose passion for working with circuits has landed him working IoT Applications.


Event Details

14 Oct, 2017
03:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Centre of Incubation and Business Acceleration
6th Floor, Agnel Technical Education Complex,
Sector-09A, Vashi
Navi Mumbai - 400703

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