Hacking Sales

Having built a viable product/service, the next step for a startup is to start generating sales.

With 5 editions of Headstart’s "How to Start a Startup" National series behind us, we turn our attention to another vital area that is pivotal to the surivival of any startup - Generating Sales. 

To combat this and help our fellow entrepreneurs, the theme for the June edition of the 6-month long series is Hacking Sales. This edition will see founders, and experts come in and talk about their experience of designing their sales strategies. The topics that will be covered are: B2B sales, B2C Sales, Designing a Sales strategy, Identifying your target segment, etc

Book your seats NOW!! Register here: http://bit.ly/ssmum_reg The registration fee will be Rs. 200/-. 

As per venue guidelines, men in shorts/3/4ths and women in short skirts (above knee length) will not be allowed entry.  


Aditya Mishra

Founder of SwitchMe – India’s First Digital Home Loan Service.

Aditya is Founder of SwitchMe – India’s First Digital Home Loan Service.
Before this, Aditya served as Country Head - Sales for TCS Bancs. In addition, he also headed TCS BFS Sales for Western India. Prior work includes M&A, setting up innovation networks and starting new businesses as an Entrepreneur in Residence. Aditya also cofounded Headstart Network Foundation – India’s largest network of early stage entrepreneurs and served on its board.
Aditya advises several early stage start ups and incubators in the areas of starting up, product/service development, business planning, sales and marketing.

Rishabh Dev

Managing Director at Mapplinks Academy

Rishabh is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, growth hacker and keynote speaker. He started Mapplinks, a digital marketing company, in April 2014 and till date, has served 50+ clients from 10+ industries across India, US, and the UK. Through Mapplinks Academy, he trains the next generation of growth marketers at Mapplinks Academy and is currently building India's first Growth Hacking Institute.

Dhruv Dewan

Co-founder, Hashtag Loyalty

Dhruv is the co-founder of Hashtag Loyalty. He previously worked with Ernst & Young as an IT Risk consultant for 2.5 years and gained experience in information technology risk consulting with key focus around technology governance, risk, security and compliance by combining business and technical skills to provide customized and right solution to the clients.

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Event Details

10 Jun, 2017
02:30 PM to 06:00 PM
Dome 3, S P Jain Institute of Management and Research
Inside Bhavans College Campus, Munshi Nagar,
Dadabhai Road, Andheri West,
Mumbai - 400058

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