Startup Saturday Hyderabad - “Hacking Sales”

Sales form an essential ingredient in any business. Startups with a strong product but no Sales is essentially not a complete business and only a product.

With 5 editions of Headstart Network Foundation’s "How to Start a Startup" National series behind us, we turn our attention to another vital issue, that the team and the founders at multiple stages of their startup journey face - Hacking Sales. 

To combat this and help our fellow entrepreneurs, the theme for the June edition of the 6-month long series is Hacking Sales. This edition will see founders, and experts come in and talk about their experience of getting paying users/ customers on their platform/app/business.

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Premanth Kundurthi


PKC Laundries

Shanti Bathula

VP - Marketing & Sales


Ravuri Niranjan

Founder & CEO

Event Details

10 Jun, 2017
10:00 AM to 01:00 PM
iKeva Hitech city
Level-6, Melange Towers, HITEC City
Hyderabad - 500081

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