Startup Saturday Hyderabad - May 2016

Theme - "First sale and beyond"


Introduction -

"For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough - Zig Ziglar".

As startups evolve, their market targets and GoToMarkets (GTMs) evolve. Sales are obviously a critical component of any GTM strategy. But the first few sales are most diifficult. What would be the effective initial sales strategy? Which target markets to first go after? What is the value proposition and the GTM play to reach this target?  This time at SSHYD, startup's share their experience with first sales and experts give guidance on GTMs and sales approach.

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Prasanth Garapati

Co-founder and CEO at Commut

Prasanth is one of the co-founders and CEO of Commut. Commut is a young company started by a bunch of IIITians in November, 2015. Commut provides comfortable, cost effective and smart solutions for urban population to commute safely. He is passionate about building scalable and profitable businesses, which create high positive impact.

Raju Vanapala

Founder & CEO of WAY2SMS

Raju is an Internet Entrepreneur from Hyderabad (India). He is popular as the founder & CEO of Way2sms the online text based web portal.
Way2sms offers unlimited free sms to Indian numbers. Raju has served as a CEO of Way2online Interactive India Pvt Ltd as a CEO from 2005 to 2012.

Priyam Saraswat

Loves to identify and solve real life problems

Co-founder at Tazzo bikes, Priyam brings international exposure as a field engineer, providing services to world’s biggest oil company Saudi Aramco. He is accustomed to multi-tasking in an extremely stressful, physically demanding and potentially dangerous environment.

Srikrishna Das

Co-founder - SuperMoto360

Krish is best described as a mad man who rides thousands of miles on his motorcycle across India & many countries.
He has worked as a devOps geek for 8+ yrs in both startups and multi-national giants, before his passion for motorcycles and travel lured him into co-founding his current startup( alongside his ex-colleague from SalesForce.
SuperMoto360, is a true garage startup, providing top-notch servicing for your bikes, without you having to go to a service center.

Sanjeev Kumar


Sanjeev has 14 years of technology and business experience across the Tax Technology, HRIS Systems and Energy Trading Solution. Specific areas of expertise include: Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Rapid Solution Development for Web and Mobile Platforms, SaaS Systems, Human Capital Management, Business Process Improvement, Tax Automation, Compliance and Project Management.


Event Details

14 May, 2016
09:30 AM to 12:30 PM
iKeva Hitech city
Level-6, Melange Towers, HITEC City
Hyderabad - 500081

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