Jay J Acharya

Jay J Acharya


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Duty Free / Travel Retail, Retail, FMCG -
these are the industry segments that I have been associated with over the course of my career. Industries which vary a bit from each other and have a different set of codes. And each one of them had a different set of challenge, which I as a marketer have tried to address. Be it thru a digital shopping solution for a traveler or designing a festival promotion to ensure maximum sales. I have always had the consumer & his/her needs in mind while designing a marketing plan.

Business Development in the Travel Retail channel is something that I'm learning and learning fast & well I would say because, as part of a team was able to secure business worth USD 40 million/year.

Organisational Objectives over department objectives & working in a team is what I firmly believe in & live by.

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Startup Saturday


14 May, 2016
09:00 AM
locationRiviera Food Court, Bangalore