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Arpit Agarwal



I take pride in being a catalyst to entrepreneurs in India since 2006. I got in touch with this amazing energy when I participated in the first Barcamp Bangalore (BCB1) that later led to setting up Headstart Network, India's largest network of early-stage entrepreneurs currently active in 15 locations.

I work with Blume Ventures where I make investment decisions, help our portfolio go to the next level and create a platform of services to aide them in their growth. I was earlier responsible for the the magic at TLabs startup accelerator, part of Times Internet.

Back in 2009, I started an initiative, TechConnect, to take IIT Bombay technology to the market which morphed into a full-time venture in 2010 as Academic Ventures, only to shut it down in about 18 months when I realized not too many people are demanding such services.

Before starting up, I did Enterprise Sales at Tata CRL, earned an MBA at IIT Bombay and wrote video codecs at Ittiam Systems. One of life's most prized moments was to create and lead the Pragyan team in Jan 2005, NIT Trichy's first ever technical festival which was the largest ever student event in campus.

Where I am is growth for startups. The fact that entrepreneurs can create things that impact millions of lives in an irreversible way excites me.

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18 Jun, 2016
09:30 AM
locationWork Square , Mumbai

Startup Saturday


11 Jun, 2016
03:00 PM
locationInvestopad, Delhi

Startup Saturday


12 Mar, 2016
09:30 AM
locationRiviera Food Court, Bangalore