Moosa Mehar

Moosa Mehar


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I am an Appreneur, Entrepreneur & a Do-Gooder who believes technology can bring smiles to more faces. Studying Bachelors in computer science in SOE,Cusat Cochin.
I find happiness in sharing knowledge and helping people realize their dreams. I feel more at life while doing something i'm passionate about. I believe it's my duty to give back to the society which has given me so much.
I found entrepreneurship as a way of living, realizing our own dreams, standing on own feets and making life more beautiful. I wanted to spread this idea to the world, so i used to organize community activities, evangelize and inspire students. I have organized 50+ events including Maker Party Kochi, the world's largest webmaker party.
I Co-founded Anamega in 2011. The idea behind which is to determine real life problems and to find solutions through technology. Currently focusing on solutions through mobile application development in BlackBerry 10 platform, we developed successful products like Sec Browser and Secure Notes.

Events Attended/Going

Startup Saturday


14 Jan, 2017
09:00 AM
locationSAP Labs, Whitefield, Bangalore