Shakti Ghosal

Shakti Ghosal


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Bachelor Engineering, MBA ( I.I.M. Bangalore) Gold Medalist, ICF Certified Professional Coach.

I am a CEO, Manager, Mentor, Coach with three decades of Profit centre responsibility,business & market development,Sales, Projects,Processes, On-line business & Engineering. Possessing cross functional expertise, I have a track record of improving bottom line productivity by 100%+ during economic and market downturn.I remain passionate about getting an organisation-wide alignment to a big picture vision of a created future that excites and compels actions in the present by all concerned.

In my present assignment, I have turned around a loss making operation and achieved Business and Revenue growths of around 20% p.a. on a year on year basis over most of two decades. Current top-line is USD 185 million. Having earlier set up B2B process,scalable back Office system linked to GDS, I am currently engaged in establishing Front, Mid Office and OTA modules in collaboration with Sabre..I have achieved high people retention, career growth & motivation (Attrition < 5%).I have negotiated General Sales Agreements (GSA) for Indian Airlines (now Air India), Delta Airlines, Shaheen Air International, Alitalia, Malaysian Airlines and UPS Supply Chain Solutions.I have also secured major international contracts with Cunard, P& O, UK and AIDA Cruises, Studiosus, Marco Polo Germany.I have set up companies in U.A.E.

In my earlier assignments, I had acquired considerable domain knowledge and expertise in HVAC systems,Consumer durables,communication terminals, distribution & dealer networks,Institutional marketing, Project planning and engineering.

I remain passionate about Leader & Leadership development through establishing a coaching culture.I continue to train myself through weekly Empathinko mastermind calls,doing external programs and credentialing. Personal video on creating leaders & Performance :