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Vikram Jain


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Time and Tide wait for no one.

Innovation needs a new definition, most used and least understood. Very few companies have really adopted and practised innovation into their DNA. Clarity of thought is a rarity these days, Compartmentalization of thought is the new Buzzword. Customer centricity in the truest sense is losing its relevance with each passing day.

Hardcore Customer centric Leader with top notch expertise in delivering business growth, developing the business ecosystem and exemplary stakeholder management. Staunch believer of Walk more than Talk!!..Believe leadership is about listening rather than talking, it is about empowering rather than delegating, it is about leading with example rather than directing. Follower of belief that Strategy is not a strategy unless it does not disrupt the current way of doing things, unless it does not wow the customers, just making them happy does not suffice.

Endless focus on Execution, Delivering them through a Theory Y approach, Ideas are aplenty, it is the quality of Execution which differentiates the best from the rest.

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Startup Saturday


14 May, 2016
09:00 AM
locationRiviera Food Court, Bangalore